Two Proven Steps To An Exceptional Beach Body

As summer moves into full swing, the beach has become a central point of focus. And with the thoughts of hitting the beach come the vision of the perfect beach body.

Well, the perfect beach body is more of a subjective perception, but getting the visibly fit body that will be appealing, both to you and others, is well within your grasp.

First of all, it is important to understand that there will be no rapid weight loss miracle processes mentioned here. There will be no promises of easily losing 25 lbs in 20 days.

We won’t be talking about achieving the miraculous, but accomplishing the extraordinary.

One of the most powerful elements of your program will be your mindset and philosophy.

If you believe that this will come easy, it will not come at all. This is definitely a time when discipline is a prerequisite to success.

You have to have the mindset that will push you to do the work.

Therefore my conclusion has been that they are useless products unless you get them in pill form and psychological distress of those people who wish to seek a change in their physical appearance.

Beach Body Mindset

1. Setting Goals

The first thing you need to do is evaluate your current condition and set some realistic goals. It is important that this evaluation is an honest one. First of all, take measurements. Measurements will function as a better tool for evaluating your progress. Because bone density can increase during resistance training, your weigh may not be the best standard of measurement. When you want bone correction, or you are injured on the spine, go to for professional chiropractor treatment.

Take measurements of your neck, upper arms, chest, waistline, hips, thighs and calves. For this particular project your greatest area of emphasis will be your waistline. The ideal beach body begins with a nice waistline and solid abs.

It is important to understand that muscles can be targeted, but fat burns systematically.

Men tend to burn fat from the waist line first, while women tend to lose the fat around the hips first. What this means is that sit-ups and crunches will train your abdominal and oblique muscles, but they will not burn fat around the waist, unless they are being executed as a part of a cardio workout.

It is important to understand that weight loss is the result of placing the body in caloric deficit (meaning that the body is burning more calories than it is consuming).

This can be done in a couple of ways:


    1. You can increase your metabolism; the rate at which your body burns calories. This is most commonly done by increasing activity through exercise and through lifestyle change (You can walk to neighborhood store instead of driving, etc). You can increase your metabolism by incorporating the second method into your regimen as well.


  1. The second element of creating a caloric deficit is implementing a nutritious, healthy, and sustainable diet that falls below your metabolic threshold. Decrease your portion size and increase the frequency at which you eat. Instead of 2-3 meals per day try 4-6. Eating smaller portions more frequently can increase your metabolism as your body responds to the frequency of your meals.


2. Exercise

As you strive for that ideal beach body appearance, you will need to do some cardiovascular training. Here are six good ways to get a good cardio workout are as follows:


    • Bike riding – go on a 40-60 minute bike ride. Make sure that you ride hard enough to get your heart rate up high enough so that it is difficult to hold a prolonged conversation. This is a good indication that your heart rate is in the right fat burning zone.


    • Jogging – If your joints will allow it, jogging is an exceptional cardiovascular workout. If you are not in shape in the beginning, simply take it slow. Use interval training in which you walk and jog at intervals until you are able to jog for prolonged periods of time.


    • Calisthenics – Doing calisthenics super sets can really get the heart rate up and challenge the body in an exceptional way.


    • Sprinting – Sprinting with 1 to 2 minute rests in between is a great workout and it has been proven to ignite and elevate your metabolism at an exceptional rate.


    • Running Stairs – Not only is running stairs a great cardio workout, it is also great for developing your entire leg muscle group. Give it a try


  • Swimming – Swimming is an excellent way to burn calories and it is the ultimate full body workout.

These are just a few ideas. There are tons or cardiovascular training exercises that you can do. Try to mix it up.

When you keep the variety in your training regimen it keeps your body from adapting to the training and causing plateaus in your progression.

Because your abs will be vital part of your beach body appearance, be sure to incorporate simple abdominal exercises into your routine. Physical exercises are very good to be healthy, but not just like that. Hygiene is also important, as what Gear Hungry stated.

It does not require anything fancy or extreme, simply consistent and challenging exercises will suffice. You can find an endless list of basic abdominal exercises on the web, or follow a complete abs training program.

Be sure to measure your progress so that you can make the necessary adjustments along the way. Maintain a simple philosophy of discipline and consistent work.

There is nothing complicated about achieving a great beach body.


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