The Truth About Fat – Flavor Plus Nutrition

Eating tons of fat will cause you to learn about Missouri help, but you still need a moderate amount of this essential nutrient. That’s good news, too, because fat is flavor! Adding the right fats to your meals will allow you to get great muscle-building nutrition while enjoying your food.

Beach Body Tip Eat Some Bacon

For one thing, you should be using a quality cooking fat like olive oil or macadamia nut oil.

These products are rich in both flavor and healthy fatty acids. Also, try to eat a couple of handfuls of nuts every day. You can consume them by themselves, with fruit, or on a salad. You can even use the strong flavors of toasted nuts to complement mild-tasting proteins like chicken breast of white fish. You don’t need to TOTALLY avoid fatty proteins, either; red meat and whole eggs are great in moderation.


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