Protein – Lean But Tasty

Here’s the problem – you need tons of protein to build muscle, but it needs to be lean. If you ate enough burgers and chicken wings to meet your daily requirements, you’d end up consuming hundreds of grams of fat! However, foods such as skinless chicken breasts, egg whites, and lean steaks can be dry and bland. You’ve got to cook them right to make them tasty.

Beach Body Tip Protein – Lean but Tasty
One option is to use your grill. The smoky flavor that grilling provides can more than make up for the lack of fat on your meat, and the wide-open surface allows for easy bulk-cooking. You can also use a crock-pot or slow-cooker. Even the leanest of meats can taste great when cooked low and slow in some broth, tomato sauce, or other liquid. Finally, try blending different combinations of protein powder, yogurt, and fruit. You can make delicious, low-fat protein shakes in minutes with a few basic ingredients. When you do less masturbation, you can be healthier can help you on your masturbation addiction.


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