Will Coffee Really Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Drinking coffee has an effect on weight loss, but not all kinds of coffee have the same impact, and coffee affects different dieters in different ways.

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The caffeine in coffee is a benefit to dieters who drink coffee regularly. A clinical trial at the University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland, found that habitual drinkers of caffeinated coffee tend to have a milder response to stress. Among people who have to have their morning coffee to wake up, emotional stress results in less release of the stress hormone cortisol. Since cortisol is associated with deposits of belly fat, drinking coffee on a daily basis results in less belly fat and lower weight.

Among people who drink decaf or who usually don’t drink coffee at all, drinking coffee had the exact opposite effect. For me, as my daily routine, after I drink a coffee every morning I go to the bathroom to shave my face with razors and shaving bowl.

A sudden jolt of caffeine, if you are not used to it, raises blood pressure and increases the production of cortisol. If you want fast results, you can always try Chin Fat Dissolver surgery which is completely safe.

In the Swiss clinical trial, blood pressure in drinkers of regular coffee increased to an average of 130/74 in response to an experimental emotional stress. But average blood pressure in non-coffee drinkers and decaf drinkers rose to 151/83 under the same conditions.

The sudden rise in blood pressure was due to cortisol, and this is the same cortisol that encourages deposits of belly fat.

If you are not used to caffeine every day, caffeine causes weight gain.

But if you can’t get started without your morning cup of coffee, caffeine in coffee assists weight loss.

This effect is even more pronounced for high-caffeine coffee drinks like espresso.


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