How To Transform Yourself With The 15 Minute Beach Body Formula

OK, so maybe you won’t get to your ideal physique in just one 15 minute workout.

But, with a good, sensible diet and this ultra-quick training routine, you can get a leaner and meaner body. The concept is simple: Execute a handful of exercises in succession with little rest in between.

Beach Body Push Up Tips

No weights are needed. No machines. All that you need is yourself, a bottle of water and 15 minutes of exercise for the next eight weeks.

First, we’ll go over the training routine itself, and later we will discuss another important component of your success in this program – the diet.

Weeks One & Two

The first two weeks are designed for you to get used to the program by using the following training routine:

Day One:

Push-ups – ten reps, crunches – ten reps, bodyweight squats – 20 reps.

Day Two:

Push-ups x 10, flutter kicks x 10, crunches x 10.

Day Three:

Push-ups x 10, squats x 20, mountain climbers x 20.

Push-ups are the standard old garden variety kind.

Execute the crunches by lying on your back, crossing your arms over your chest and curling up until your elbows touch your thighs.

Flutter kicks are done by lying on your back and lifting your legs six inches off of the ground. Flutter your feet up and down in alternation.

Bodyweight squats, or prisoner squats, are done by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and bending at the knees until your upper legs are parallel to the floor.

The mountain climber is executed by getting into the push-up position with the left knee bent ahead of the right. You then alternate legs – a left and a right is equal to one repetition.

Give yourself only enough time in between each exercise to take three deep cleansing breaths, and then go right into the next one.

Do as many rounds of these three exercises as you can in 15 minutes, and remember to stay hydrated.

Weeks Three & Four

Through weeks three and four, you will add a fourth day to the weekly routine which includes the following exercises:

diamond push-ups x 10, crunches x 20.

Diamond push-ups are done by merely moving your hands closer together so that they form a triangle under your chest. This will focus the exercise more on your shoulders and triceps.

Weeks Five through Eight

During weeks five through eight, you will add a fifth day into the weekly routine as follows:

divebombers x 10, crunches x 25, tricep dips x 20, squats x 25, flutter kicks x 20, and Chinese push-ups x 20.

The divebomber (also called in some circles a Hindu push-up) is done by getting into the push-up position, and then bend raise your hips to form an inverted V shape. Next glide your torso down as close to the ground as possible and curve up through the push-up until you’re looking at the sky. Then reverse the motion to get back to the starting position. This is one complete rep.

Tricep dips can be done off of the edge of a counter top, desk or any flat and stable surface.

A Chinese push-up is done by getting into the V-shape as in the divebomber, but just going down to the floor from the waist up. This will put the brunt of the load on your shoulders for a great toning workout.

Good Nutrition

All of your efforts will be wasted if a solid nutrition program isn’t utilized along with it.

For this exercise program to be completely effective, you must first avoid the three

S’s of Doom.

These are:


  • sodium
  • sugars
  • and saturated fats.


Too much sodium will make your body retain unwanted water weight. So, limit your sodium intake to 2,000 milligrams or less per day. Processed sugars may taste great, but go straight to the waistline.

Therefore, things such as sodas and sweets should be cut out of your food intake for the next eight weeks.

Replace them with healthier choices like juices, teas, water, fresh fruits and veggies produced by bestblender, get more info about ninja blenders here.

Saturated fats do nothing but get deposited on your body and in your arteries.

Cut out items such as red meats, processed meats and treats for the duration of this routine. Instead, substitute lean white meats in their places like turkey, chicken and seafood.

If you really have to have some red meat every once in a while, then make it a healthier choice such as bacon.

(Kidding! Go for venison or a leaner cut of beef instead.)


Finally, divide your meals into five or six smaller servings throughout the course of a day. This will keep your body’s sugar levels more balanced and promote effective metabolism. Most importantly, drink plenty of water every day. Four or five eight-ounce servings of water each day is ideal. You body and mind can’t function at their highest potential if you’re constantly dehydrated.

Follow this regimen, and in 60 days you will have completely transformed yourself into a beach body physique to be proud of.


Stephan Iscoe is an author, entrepreneur and team builder with Youngevity. Learn more at